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page 12, 3rd paragraph: “As we shall later” should be “As we shall see later”.

page 88, Exercise 5.8: “number place recognition” should be “number plate recognition”.

page 164, Exercise 6.4: Extraneous question mark should be deleted from the end of the first sentence.

page 165, Exercise 6.10: The reference should be to Figure C.38 on page 496, rather than figure C.40.

page 181, Figure 7.12: The attribute “preparationTime” should be “preparation time” to be consistent with other attributes’ names in the analysis models.

page 186, Figure 7.15: “Generalizing relationships” should be “Generalization relationships”.

page 209, 2nd line: Insert “We are contemplating specifying the life patterns of the entities of Alice’s Restaurant using state machines.” before “Start by recalling …”

page 234, Exercise 7.1: The last relationship “Hotel Room to Property, and Conference Room to Property” is a duplicate of the first, and should be ignored.

page 373, 5th paragraph: At the end of the first line there is a redundant “is”.

page 384, last paragraph: In the first line, “planed” should be “planned”.

page 406: Final methods, mentioned at the end of the first paragraph, didn’t get covered after all. A final method in Java is a method that cannot be overridden. Just as a final class is the opposite of an abstract class, a final method is the opposite of an abstract method. An abstract method must eventually be overridden. A final method cannot be overridden.

page 437, penultimate paragraph: In the first line, “worry” should be “worries”.

page 446, 2nd paragraph: “Dish to Appointment” should read “Dish to Advertisable”.