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Physics work

For many years I taught and consulted on the design of large software systems – mainly big science. For ninety percent of that time I worked in particle and high-energy physics at CERN. I also worked at Rutherford Appleton Labs in Didcot for several years, and at DESY in Hamburg.

The other ten percent of science work was in astronomy – at La Palma and Edinburgh for example.

I was also a co-founder of Matrice Limited (previously Lattice Limited), where we taught and consulted for organizations in the commercial sectors – manufacturing, telecoms and banks for example.

I am now retired.


… and the main reason for this site’s continued existence. As well as reports and articles, I wrote a book on computer systems analysis and design. The book’s relevance has dimmed in these days of frameworks but I will keep some of the support material available here. I’d be very (pleasantly) surprised if it’s still being used as a textbook, so I’m dropping the lecturer resources such as case study, lecture slides and editable diagrams, but if anyone needs them then do email me. The email address is on this page.



(If you’ve come here looking for the famous bass player (of the rock group Queen) then I am afraid that the only help I can give you is a link to Queen’s fan site. As it happens, I do play bass, but not very well. I’m much better at 6-string steel acoustic. I used to own a 1960s Vox AC30, which is Brian May’s favorite amp. But that’s it. End of my ties to Queen.