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UML Resources, John Deacon

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On-line UML tutorial

At the moment, there's one thing available in this UML section. It's the online version of the Unified Modeling Language Appendix of my book, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design: A Pragmatic Approach. There have been many books on the UML, and I felt that analysis and design best practices were getting sidelined. So the main body of book gives primary focus to OOA and OOD. The UML appendix, however, is a good, in-depth guide and tutorial on the UML 2, so I thought I'd make it available, free and online.

The emphasis is not to paraphrase the UML reference however, the aim was to make sense of the vast bulk of the UML, and to make sure that the interpretation was sensible and insightful for a typical object-oriented project. It's a developer's guide to the UML. Very careful attention has been paid to the interpretation of state machines, or statecharts as they were known, and activity diagrams (two of the behavioral diagrams), and there is a full coverage of structural diagrams, or class diagrams as they were known, and sequence diagrams (or interaction diagrams as they are sometimes known).

The online UML book is here.